Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Lorna the Huntress

Starting today I'll be updating this blog finally.  I have so much work to share from the past couple of years since creating this blog that it would be too time consuming to post all of it at once. Instead I will post one miniature a day here on this blog, and over time I will finally have a blog worth looking at.

I'll be starting with this little gal here, Lorna the Huntress from Reaper's Dark Heaven line sculpted by Bobby Jackson. Painted in January of 2012, sold in February of 2012.

I've always liked this simple figure and wanted to give her a tribal warrior type of look. I chose her color scheme based on a complement to her skintone and eyeshadow, which color I was inspired to use by an image of warrior from a South American jungle tribe I referenced on Google.

 I made the base from hand sculpted and carved sculpey stones that I layered one by one.  Time consuming, but one of my better simple bases.  The vines and leaves were made from rolled out Magic Sculp, the moss from sand.

Here's a closeup of her face that  I took that shows off the eyes pretty nicely.  Ok, that's it for the first post to this blog after I decided to resurrect it from the ashes. More to come tomorrow and for many days after that.  So thanks for stopping by and if you like this kind of stuff, be sure to stay tuned as they used to say.

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