Monday, June 24, 2013

Cleric of Calistria

The Cleric of Calistria.  28mm metal, Part of Reaper's Pathfinder line (sculpt by Patrick Keith).

I don't know much about Pathfinder so I had to look around the web and find some info on what exactly a Cleric of Calistria was, since by all rights to my un-indoctrinated eye she looked more like an Rogue Assassin of the Badlands with all those pointy weapons and leather!  I did find out that Calistrian clerics favored the deity's color of yellow, so I wanted to incorporate that in there somewhere so I chose her inner leggings.  Part of the fun for me is exactly this kind of research before tackling a project.

Painted in March of '12 and sold in April of '12.

Now this paintjob was an exercise in differing leather types.  I love painting black leather because when you take your time and approach it with the right work up, you can get some pretty convinving effects at this scale where the eye starts to believe it's seeing actual leather.  It's one of the easier materials to replicate with paintwork in my humble opinion, at least for me it is.

Leather is everywhere in this hobby! All forms of minis from historical to sci-fi to fantasy, leather is ubiquitous on our minis. Coming in every color and condition; having many approaches to tackling the different types of leather is extra useful for a painter.

I will do a tutorial on the various leathers and how I approach them one day when I start work on my tutorials section for this blog.  One day very soon as that is on my agenda moving forward.  Adding content like that, tutorials, tips and tricks, methods I use and thoughts on technique is something I want to express here in great quantity, so if that's your thing....this will be a good place to watch.

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