Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Alahazra, Iconic Oracle, Pathfinder mini Version 1

Sometimes I like a particular mini so much that I get the urge to paint up multiple versions of a piece.  Alahazra, from Reaper's Pathfinder line, (sculpted by Julie Guthrie) was one of these.  Here is the first the version I painted, which I refer to as the "light" version. 

Her base was made from lab stone, hand carved, over which I applied raised relief that I made from taking castings of a piece of jewelry I special ordered for this piece.  The castings are also lab stone.  All painted to lend the impression of well-worn-and-weathered desert sandstone.

This piece was painted in August of 2012 and sold (along with her matching counterpart, the dark version) to her buyer in Hong Kong in September of 2012.  

Tomorrow I will post the second version I painted of this fantastic mini.

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