Commission Questions? Look here

Hi thanks for stopping by and inquiring about commission work. As of 8/14/13 I'm putting a hold on new commission projects as I'm currently engaged in a massive paid commission that will quite literally take several years of my free time to finish.  During this time I will paint and sell on ebay solely, so as to keep as much time open for this commission as I can.  Thank you for your understanding and I hope this doesn't inconvenience you.  One day in the future I may 'open for business' again, but I can't even see that day from here, it's a long way off.

Best Regards,


Dwarf Lord said...

Hey Sean!
Beautiful work. Love your style.
Was wondering if you have any tutorials?
Hope to hear from you,

Allan H said...

For those interested in some fantastic technique show-case videos Sean made, see his Mind Over Minis channel on YouTube: