Friday, June 21, 2013

Ariseth, Necropolis Chattel Conversion

Here we have an older figure from Reaper's Warlord range, Ariseth, Necropolis Chattel (sculpted by Stefan Niehaus).  I felt the original sculpt was a little flat and along with the contorted pose looked like it needed some help.  I sculpted for her some hair and the visor skull helmet to help balance out her proportions.

I also sculpted for her a shoulderpad on her left arm to help bulk her up a little and gave her a loincloth hanging from her backside to help sell the idea of the flowing hair, since I could place a wind direction on the loincloth as well.  Painting all those little straps everywhere was tedious!

I worked on this piece off and on from '09 to '12 and sold her in February of 2012 after she was completed and photographed.

The two swords have a kind of mystical rune pattern thing happening in the paintwork there and they came out really nice and soft in the photo.  I'd say I'm happy with the way the silver NMM effect came out in the photos almost makes for a convincing metal effect against the blue background!

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