Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Kazala, Efreet

Kazala the Efreet from Reaper's Dark Heaven line (sculpted by Ben Siens)

Kazala is an older piece painted in August of '04 and sold in September of the same year.  That's almost 9 years ago!  One of the purposes of this blog is to help showcase my work, new and old and so reaching way back in time to pull these images out is kind of fun.  I can really see how my style has changed and how much I've learned when I look at these older figures.

I'm still fond of his red skin and freehand designs on his pants, although my highlight placements for the NMM were a bit off (and let's just ignore the sword altogether shall we) as I was still getting the hang of it.

Back then I was using inks for shading and they really make the shadows of the red skin have depth to them don't they.  I also was using Future floor wax as a flow enhancer and here and there you can even still see the shiny finish left over from that as I wasn't fully indoctrinated into using the Dulcote spell to coat my minis back then!

Still, I like this old fella, it's nice to let him out of the bottle for awhile again.

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